Guidelines for tutors

     The following steps must be followed by every tutor before joining our team.

  • Our platform requires tutors to have a good internet connection and a laptop, PC, or tablet. We won’t encourage conducting classes using cell phones.
  • For writing purposes, tutors should use electronic/digital pens. The use of a mouse is also acceptable.
  • Learn to use the following online whiteboard website.
  • Please visit the YouTube channel and learn how to use this whiteboard.
  • If you know how to record a good session otherwise you can follow these steps:
      • Get Zoom installed on your system and create an account.
      • Start a new session and make sure to click on record session.
      • The medium should be English.
      • Now click on screen sharing.
      • Select the board created using the above website for writing and uploading.
      • The recording will be generated after the session ends, please zip it and send it along with your resume to
  • Your teaching style and communication will be evaluated by our team.
  • A live one-to-one demo session will be scheduled if your recorded session is cleared by our team.
  • During the demo session, you have to demonstrate any topic of your subject.
    Our evaluation is based on the following.
      • Your teaching methodology.
      • Your communication skills.
      • Handling students during online sessions
      • Usage of online whiteboard.
  • You will be eligible for regular student trials after passing the live demo session.
  • We will provide you with training sessions and guide you on how to teach online if you do not pass the demo.
  • We are always available for training and guiding tutors if you are interested in becoming an online teacher.
  • We do not charge any registration fees.
  • Let us know if you are ready for the demo.

      Please feel free to contact  us if you have any questions.
      Brilliant Brains
     +1 (251) 355 1443